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Your aging loved one still lives independently, but you sometimes worry about them. They're not at the point where assisted living is the answer. But still, you would like to know each day that they're alright.

Daily Care Call helps to improve the quality of life for your Senior by offering a variety of phone-based messaging products that reassure you, look after the well-being of your Senior, and provide daily messages of interest and inspiration.

Daily Care Calls

We'll place a daily wellness call to your Senior to reassure you that they're alright.

Medical Reminders

We'll phone your Senior to remind them to take their medications and do their daily exercises.

Daily Messages

We'll play a daily message for your Senior to engage, inform, and inspire them.

Used by both families and groups.

Families use Daily Care Call services for their loved-ones who are distant or where it's difficult to reach out to them daily.

Groups use Daily Care Call services in different ways.

  • Churches: to engage and reach out to their shut-in members.
  • Community Groups: to check up on seniors in their community.
  • Healthcare Providers: to offer follow-up services to home healthcare visits.

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Caring for Seniors

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